Bloom Ventures

Bloom Ventures

We generate for millions in sales for our customers every month.

Lead generation with social media advertising and email campaigns

We understand outbound sales and are experts in generating leads and booking appointments.

With data from social media and AI we create targeted campaigns to find the consumers and businesses with interest in your product or service.

Together we determine the target group and make an attractive offer.
We make the (video) advertisements, email campaigns, landing pages, and maybe a website or a funnel, depending on the purpose of the campaign.

Whether you are a dentist looking for more customers, a real estate agent looking for more leads or a gym owner looking for more members, our lead generation campaigns will help you achieve your goal!

Email Marketing Consultancy

We develop data-driven email marketing strategies that are supported and enabled by technology.

With our email marketing consulting services , we bring data, technology, strategy, creativity, personalisation and psychology together through our innovative approach to create effective eCRM & email marketing strategies that deliver results.

Reach your audience with targeted mailinglists.

Mailing lists are the perfect way to gain authority in a certain area and indirectly promote your own business. We have experience in the technical setup and can promote your mailing lists to quickly gain many followers.